SF KuF is

kufwebattempt-copyKinksters under Forty — kinky or kink-curious Bay Area men, ages 18 – 39. 

9/23: Online sales have CLOSED with every KuF presales record completely shattered! We may still be able to accept people paying at the door, but the earlier, the better. Doors open at 7pm. NOTE: Even though the party goes through 1am, doors close at 10!

With over 250 members, KuF was created as a safe space for young kinksters. All types and levels of (in)experience should feel perfectly welcome!

We generally have one official KuF event per month, usually on the last Sunday. It might be a social event, a hands-on workshop, or a sexy play party at SF Citadel. In addition, group members are invited (even encouraged) to create one-off events. Our purpose is to enable connections, and we’re happy whenever and however people get together after meeting.

For social events, in March we sold out a cabin of kinky guys in Tahoe–a full weekend of skiing and snowboarding, slings and bondage, sex and snow, hot tubbing and sex, new friends and fun conversations, The Princess Bride, shared interests, and kinky sex! In warmer months, we’ve 12819231_824679864311002_2839822407301576215_oscaled Mount Diablo, saw the Broadway tour of Book of Mormon, hit a bar or two, and had a game night in the Polk. A side group did a tour of the Armory and another meets for rock climbing in the Mission pretty much every week. Lots of guys are introduced to Wicked Grounds, SF’s kinky coffee shop (we know, right?!), and chat over a tea or latte break. Have an idea for something else that might be fun? Let us know.

BoltWorkshops occur as members ask for them. Interested in flogging but never held a flogger? Were you a Boy Scout, but forgot all your knots? If you want to learn something, there’s a good chance someone in the group is capable and happy to teach it. KuF workshops are usually geared toward more common kinks, but KuFaux (one-off member events) workshops for specialized or exotic kinks are great.


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Play Parties! We book the SF Citadel–the region’s largest community dungeon space–for all our play events. Generally our most popular events, but also the ones that generate the most questions, we have an entire page dedicated to describing what they look like.

KuF was not created to promote ageism or to segment a community.

Most of us play with people of diverse ages and we encourage those who don’t to rubbertry it out–the experience is usually great! We do not ask our members to exclusively attend KuF events; on the contrary, we invite them to share about and attend any good kink event in the area, regardless of who is hosting.

Everyone needs a safe space. In this case, our group arose specifically as a need after young men (particularly the leaner guys who identified as dominant) were trivialized in other kink gatherings. Screw that. We celebrate you and your sexuality! KuF is a forum to find peers and to build networks with others who help us discover (or remember) we’re not alone and we don’t need to feel that our interests are strange: there are other young guys out there who like bondage, guzzling piss, rough sex, puppy play, and soooooo much more. So let’s have fun!