SF KuF = Kinksters under Forty

Kinky or kink-curious Bay Area Men, ages 18 – 39.

Coming Up: Dore/Up Your Alley Party!

Summer means the High Holy Days of Kink and Leather! Our Up Your Alley (aka Dore) and Folsom Friday play parties are always HUGE! Come join us for some sexy fun!

These events sell out–secure your entry by prepaying at our online store. Want to come to both? Check out the “double penetration” discount!



We are also proud to announce that, thanks to our sponsors, EVERY attendee of both our UYA and Folsom parties walks away with a pass for free admission to Steamworks in Berkeley! Check out the Bay Area’s premier bathhouse for men at Steamworks.



2016 was an amazing year for KuF! 

– We had six play parties. Our Folsom and Dore parties broke last year’s records, with 200+ hot, kinky guys making use of the slings, crosses, cages, and pretty much anything and anyone they could (consensually) put their hands on. Average age was about 26, with plenty under and over.

– We rented a cabin for a kinky ski trip and sold out almost immediately. We’re repeating the event by popular demand.12819231_824679864311002_2839822407301576215_o

– We had multiple bondage workshops. Newbies learned basic ropework that can be used for sexy times. Intermediate levels learned harnesses and things that give you more to play with. A couple advanced rope enthusiasts learned two different suspension ties to take their subs off their feet.

– We had fun!!! New kinky friends and play partners met. Kinky guys found kinky roommates, letting them (finally!) flog or electrotorture a hookup without waiting for the house to be empty. Boyfriends, Dom/sub, and “pack” relationships were formed and are going strong. Guys who are/were closeted about their kinks were able to come out to others about their healthy, amazing, and shared sexuality. Kinky guys could just be themselves without worrying about judgement. Yes!

BoltWhile the online KuF group has over 250 members, KuF itself is not about membership. We simply put on events for the 18 – 39 crowd, and invite them to attend. All types and levels of (in)experience should feel perfectly welcome! We do not split up play partners by age. Any ‘-uF’ (under Forty) attendee can sponsor up to two FaB (Forty and Better) guests. Sponsors and sponsees should arrive together. 

For social events, we did our kinky cabin trip–a full weekend of skiing and snowboarding, slings and bondage, sex and snow, hot tubbing and sex, new friends and fun conversations, The Princess Bride, shared interests, and kinky sex! In warmer months, we’ve scaled Mount Diablo, saw the Broadway tour of Book of Mormon, hit a bar or two, and had a game night in the Polk. Lots of guys are introduced to Wicked Grounds, SF’s kinky coffee shop (we know, right?!), and chat over a tea or latte break. Have an idea for something else that might be fun? Let us know.

Workshops occur as members ask for them. Interested in flogging but never held a flogger? Were you a Boy Scout, but forgot all your knots? If you want to learn something, there’s a good chance someone in the group is capable and happy to teach it.

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Play Parties! We book the SF Citadel–the region’s largest community dungeon space–for all our play events. Generally our most popular events, but also the ones that generate the most questions, we have an entire page dedicated to describing what they look like.

KuF was not created to promote ageism or to segment a community.

Most of us play with people of diverse ages and we encourage those who don’t to rubbertry it out–the experience is usually great! We do not ask our members to exclusively attend KuF events; on the contrary, we invite them to share about and attend any good kink event in the area, regardless of who is hosting.

KuF was created as a direct response to a story that was repeating itself over, and over, and over again. Young Bay Area men (particularly the leaner guys who identified as dominant) were trivialized in other kink gatherings. They were told they had not yet “earned” their right to be themselves. Young Doms and subs were met with Old Guard protectionism and treated like shit. Screw that. We celebrate you and your sexuality! KuF is a forum to find peers and to build networks with others who help us discover (or remember) we’re not alone and we don’t need to feel that our interests are strange: there are other young guys out there who like bondage, guzzling piss, rough sex, puppy play, and soooooo much more. So let’s have fun!

(We’d like to note that the organization that unintentionally gave birth to KuF has changed their board. They’ve reached out in ways that show a definite change from the mentality we experienced before. That’s awesome, and we look forward to building more and more bridges between all our groups!)