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Want to skip the line at the party by prepaying admission or check for a bundle discount? Purchases can be made through our Square site. If you claim a military or student discount, you will need to bring a current ID to the party to avoid paying the difference at the door.

We have an active mattprivate FB group with over 300 members. Respecting some discretionary needs, the group is not searchable, nor are any posts visible by non-group members. For admission, you need to be local (or visit 4 or more times annually), within the KuF age group, and someone from the group needs to vouch that you’re not an ass or troll.

Please be clear–you DO NOT need to know anyone to come to an event or play party! The vouching requirement applies only to the Facebook group for, we assume, obvious reasons. That said, if you want to meet before the next event, message us at, and we can run into each other at Wicked Grounds or the Eagle.